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This exquisite creation blends the rich, earthy aroma of Vanilla with captivating notes of Tonka Bean, Cedar, Clove, Chestnut, and a hint of smoky allure. It's a fragrant journey that evokes cozy evenings by the fireplace, creating a comforting ambiance in any space. Let the enticing scents of our Bougie Vanilla candle envelop your senses, inviting you to unwind and savor the finer moments of life.


Fill your home in long lasting enjoyment with the Bougie Vanilla Luxe candle, by Flowers in the Alley. Made from environmentally responsible materials, you’ll experience a clean burn from start to finish, approximately 60 hours. 


Made with non-hazardous ingredients, you can rest assured that your space is safe from carcinogens and mutagens - toxins often found in conventional candle-making. Additionally, you can trust in Nature’s chemistry, demonstrated by the natural burning process  of our wicks, created from 100% natural, ring-spun cotton.


Utilizing small batch creation, each candle receives keen, attention to detail, ensuring consistent quality accompanied by artisan production.

Bougie Vanilla Candle

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