Flowers in the Alley, Downtown Salem’s most sought after florist and source of home design inspiration, in the creation of Clayton Riley who aims to educate and excite clients and customers of all backgrounds with the delights and simple joys of floral design and home curation.


Flowers don’t just have to be for weddings and funerals - although we do those, too! Nature provides us with endless inspiration, happiness and beauty, and Flowers in the Alley exists to share these simple joys with each of their clients. By always maintaining a fresh, vibrant perspective, Flowers in the Alley takes their cues from nature, providing seasonal treasures displayed and presented to perfection all year long.


Flowers in the Alley fundamentally believes that small things eventually become big things, especially when executed with intention and thought. Existing first and foremost as a retail entity, Flowers in the Alley seeks to maintain an endless reputation - both generational and regional - for capturing and cultivating nature’s simplistic perfection, and bringing it to your home.

We are Flowers in the Alley