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Meet Whitney & Kali


We're Whitney and Kali, sisters and the proud co-owners of Flowers in the Alley! Our love for flowers goes back as far as our memories together, from braiding daisy chains in childhood to helping each other pick the perfect bouquets for life's big moments.

More than just beautiful blooms, flowers have always connected us to the people and nature we cherish. Now, we're thrilled to share this passion with our community. At Flowers in the Alley, you'll find not just stunning arrangements but also a welcoming space where you can connect with us and create something truly special.

We believe in the power of flowers to express emotions, brighten a day, and celebrate life's milestones. Whether you're searching for the perfect birthday blooms, a romantic gesture, or a thoughtful sympathy gift, we're here to guide you.

Flourishing with Every Season:

  • Fresh, Seasonal Flowers: We source the freshest, most seasonal flowers available, ensuring your arrangements are bursting with vibrant colors and natural beauty.

  • Everyday & Special Occasion Arrangements: From classic centerpieces to whimsical birthday bouquets and elegant anniversary displays, we create arrangements to perfectly suit any occasion.

  • Subscription Services: Spread the joy with our customizable subscription boxes! Choose the frequency and style that best fits your needs, and we'll hand-deliver fresh arrangements straight to your door (or theirs!).

  • DIY Delight: Stem Bar: Feeling creative? Unleash your inner florist at our stem bar! Choose from a vast selection of blooms, foliage, and vases to design your own personalized arrangement.

  • Boutique Home Accents: Complement your floral arrangements with our curated collection of home goods. Find unique vases, planters, and other charming décor to add a touch of nature's elegance to your space.

  • Hand-Poured Candles: Fill your home with delightful scents with our hand-poured soy candles. Made with love and natural fragrances, they're the perfect finishing touch for a relaxing ambiance.

Come visit us and let's blossom something beautiful together!


Beauty is in the details


Flowers in the Alley is all about using small details to create big influence. When we give care to the small things in our life - what we surround ourselves with, how we treat ourselves, how we arrange our homes - the effects can be wide reaching, especially when they're executed with intention and thoughtfulness. Existing first and foremost as a retail entity, Flowers in the Alley seeks to fill the need of capturing and cultivating nature’s simplistic perfection by bringing it into your home and everyday life.






I respect nature as the perfect artist and seek out seasonal selections that bring the beauty of the natural world to your space,

business, or event.

I love playing with colors, textures, composition, and fragrance. Floral design is a sacred space where I get to let my imagination run completely wild.



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